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Company Name:
J.S.G. Corporation
Job Summary
Services and fuels all equipment, vehicles, and machinery. Maintains records of service and schedules preventative maintenance. Makes light repairs to vehicles and heavy equipment.
Essential Functions and Responsibilities
1. Operates the fuel truck to deliver fuel, oil, and lubricate vehicles & equipment at job sites. Records activity daily for fuel consumption and maintains accurate records.
2. Performs the necessary tasks to service all plant, vehicles, and equipment located in the field on job sites and at MRA.
3. Inspects and performs light repairs to tools, plant, vehicles, and equipment during the service operations.
4. Coordinates repairs, servicing and fueling with the Construction Manager and or necessary foreman.
5. Provides hand tools as needed for maintenance work.
6. Has the ability to perform light mechanic duties such as diagnosing problems and remove and replace hoses, starters, belts, batteries, lights, water pumps and other components.
7. Escorts over size equipment loads and assembles counterweight, bucket, and attachments
8. Performs and completes all company documentation requirements for servicing and fueling of vehicles and equipment.
9. Attends educational and training programs provided by JSG.
10. Utilizes the Equipment Maintenance and Repair Procedures established by JSG.
11. Inspects the equipment, vehicles, machinery daily for defects and faults during the servicing operations. Documents repairs as needed and upon completion.
12. Maintains the service truck in proper operating order and has it ready to go at all times.
13. Takes, labels, and reviews all oil samples.
14. Maintains the lubricant and filter inventory and informs the Construction Manager of its status.
15. Ensures safe operation and compliance with state and federal regulations. Performs lockout tagout when servicing or repairing equipment.
16. Reads the service manual and determines what lubricant is required and services per the manual.
17. Reads the service manual and determines what points on the equipment or truck need lubricating, locates and services.
18. Support and/or adheres to the companys mission, values, philosophies, and policies.
19. Perform additional duties as assigned, given adequate guidance and resources.
Qualifications and Credentials
CDL with medical card; a minimum class B license with H and N endorsements.
Escort Vehicle Operator
Air Conditioning Technician Certification desired
Air Brake Technician Certification desired
Abilities and Competencies
Communication and Comprehension
-Ability to carry out instructions furnished, in a written, oral, or diagrammatic form
-Able to read, write, and speak simple sentences in English.
-Able to read and/or listen to instruction presented in written, verbal or diagram format.
-Able to add and subtract 2-digit numbers.
-Able to input data into an Excel spreadsheet.
Physical and Sensory Abilities
To perform the essential functions of this position, the employee is:
-frequently required to sit for extended periods of time while operating
-frequently required to reach while operating
-regularly required to stand, walk, and climb
-regularly required to demonstrate manual dexterity while operating and steering
-occasionally will be required to stoop, and crouch
-regularly required to hear and speak in order to effectively communicate orally
-regularly lift 25 or fewer pounds
-occasionally will lift 25 to 50 pounds
-must be able to see items near/far, and have depth perception
Working Conditions
Work Environment
The working environment in which you will typically perform the essential functions of this position, the employee will be outdoors under a wide range of weather and ground conditions.
Work Schedule
Normal work days are Monday through Friday/Saturday. The daily work schedule begins at 6:30 a.m. A half-hour lunch may be taken daily.
Driving Requirements
Virginia Driver License and CDL with a minimum CL B with H&N endorsements and an acceptable DMV record.
Escort Vehicle Operator - Preferred
Employment Factors
FLSA Overtime Status
Non-Exempt from FLSA overtime requirements (receives overtime pay) - Free Classified Ads in US on Craigslist